Getting Started with Free YouTube MP3 Ripper

1. After completing the installation, double-click the program icon on your desktop to run the program.

2. Copy the URL of YouTube on your browser address bar.

3. Then a new video add window will be jumped out and the YouTube URL will be auto-filled.

Click the Download button and then input the file name and select the file source to download, or simply keep the file name as "Renaming automatically" then it will be renamed by video title automatically:

If the URL is a YouTube page not a single video, such as a search result, a playlist or a channel page, when you click the Download button the YouTube Video Pasrser will be poped up to analyze all the single video URL from this YouTube page. After the progress is completed please select the videos on the list to download and save as MP3 format.

4. In the main window you'll be able to see the YouTube MP3 download states, or remove it, find target...

Click here to download the Free YouTube MP3 Ripper

or YouTube Video Ripper